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Chris Plummer


Hi! I’m Chris Plummer, the founder of More Time To. With over 27 years in the industry, I found my love for web development completely by accident.

After university, I started working at Glaxo Wellcome, originally writing for their new Intranet site. A quick HTML course later, I dived headlong into web development, and I’ve loved every minute since.

Why more time to exists

The creation of more time to was inspired by my work with healthcare membership associations. Unlike other commercial clients, associations that focus on benefiting society resonate with me as they prioritise inclusivity and sustainability. The impact we can make together, enhancing people’s lives through this platform, gives me immense satisfaction.

My favourite projects

I have a particular interest in projects that reduce admin time, especially the ones that automate tasks. Also, anything that improves member communication, such as setting up private networks for members to exchange ideas and knowledge. Past favourites include and

Developing online learning platforms has become a speciality, systems such as and, along with bespoke systems for Birthrate Plus and Obesity Canada, underline the diversity and uniqueness of the training projects we undertake.

Life beyond work

Outside work, I’m a lover of nature and conservation. I help look after a small nature reserve in Bedford and love hiking. My fondness for nature is intricately tied to digital sustainability, which I consistently strive to incorporate in my role at More Time To. It connects my professional life with the conservation I love.

Just to let you into my world – I have a deep appreciation for 70’s rock and alternative music, and I can’t resist a good sci-fi story. Yes, I’m a bit of a geek beyond the world of web development!

The more time to team

In my journey, I’m fortunate to be accompanied by a small, dedicated team of developers, content managers, designers, QA specialists, writers, and SEO experts. While I generally serve as the primary contact for our clients, my team is always ready to step in if I’m not around.

So, that’s me in a nutshell. Together, More Time To is dedicated to bringing you practical, user-friendly, and sustainable website maintenance, management, and design solutions.

What healthcare membership organisations say

“When we first started working together More Time To was just looking after our Learning Management System, but they have taken over all of our websites now. Having Chris onboard has increased my capacity. He’s like a duplication of me!”



“More Time To’s healthcare membership association experience is super helpful and useful. For example, on the EASO Connects site we could have people from 36 associations and 150 centres all logging in at the same time. Chris understands how our association works.”



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