Sector Specialisation: We’ve dedicated 20+ years to understanding and working with healthcare membership organisations. This means we’re not just any web design service; we’re experts in what you need.

Saving Time, Saving Stress: Creating a website can be daunting. You often have to get more involved than you’d like. As we already know your sector, we minimise your involvement, giving you more time to devote to your core work.

Technical Expertise: Having designed and built websites for 30 years, we understand all the technicalities running behind the scenes. We write bespoke code, so your website isn’t an “off-the-shelf” template. It’s tailored to your organisation.


Responsive Design: In today’s mobile-first world, your website must be accessible on any device. We ensure your site is responsive, user-friendly, and can be used everywhere.

Accessible Design: Following accessibility standards and best practices, we ensure your website is accessible to everyone.

SEO and Visibility: To raise awareness of your organisation, your website must be visible to search engines. We implement SEO best practices to ensure your site ranks well, helping the right people find you.

Community Building Features: We can create Private Professional Networks which act as a forum or private social network for members. These help your members support, communicate, and share learnings with each other, strengthening your organisation’s community

Online Leaning Platforms: Helping your members understand a topic or keep up to date with the latest advancements or innovations in your world.


At More Time To, we promise to deliver a website that looks great and functions flawlessly, supporting your mission to improve lives. We’re more than a web design company; we’re a part of your team, dedicated to letting you get back to what you do best.

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Our Website Care Plan provides ongoing back-end support to optimise your website’s performance; front-end support to develop new member features; and content updates to keep the information relevant.

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You carry on with your day job, while we handle all the technical stuff, from building to launching and maintaining your website.

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Website design that follows accessibility standards and best practices.

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Includes Online Learning Platforms to help your members understand topics or the latest advancements.

What healthcare membership organisations say

“Chris’ Healthcare Membership Organisation experience means he understands the space and the dynamics, and how to deal with it – it is a valuable piece of experience.”


Chris is honest and I trust him. He’s an extended part of our team, even though he’s not in it.

Ken Clare

Chair, ECPO

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