For over 20 years, More Time To has supported the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), the leading voice of obesity science, medicine, and community in Europe.  EASO represents multiple stakeholder groups, including scientists, obesity specialists, physicians, healthcare practitioners, public health practitioners, and patients.

The Problem

These groups often communicated differently and in a sometimes archaic way. For example, some stakeholders could not access information in software such as MS SharePoint.

The Solution

To improve their communications, More Time To developed a Private Professional Network containing over 20 interest groups. This new network meant members could chat in all relevant groups from within a single website. The website makes communication easy. It pulls everything they need for project management into one place – and makes sending updated newsletters a simple task.

Access restrictions have been implemented to ensure that sensitive or executive topics under discussion are restricted to a limited number of people. This guarantees that content is only available to those who should have access, with some groups completely hidden and on an invite-only basis. Other stakeholders must apply for access, ensuring the content is secure and relevant.

The Outcomes

EASO now have a secure communications channel in place. They have complete control over access rights and can make the network available to their relevant members.

Also, members can access the information they need whenever they need it. They can communicate directly with each other and access training material and courses. For EASO, it has saved time on tasks such as sharing documents and meeting minutes, along with educational content such as recordings of training sessions and webinars.

Next Steps

If you’re looking to implement an online training system or gain more time to devote to your healthcare membership organisation, speak to More Time To about how a Private Professional Network can work for you. The results speak for themselves.

“More Time To’s healthcare membership association experience is super helpful and useful. For example, on the EASO Connects site we could have people from 36 associations and 150 centres all logging in at the same time. Chris understands how our association works.”



“More Time To solves any of our technical problems, I know that Chris is there and if something is not right I’ll ask him and he’ll help. And he puts up with our daft questions!”


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