Updating and maintaining the content of your WordPress site can be daunting, there’s the Guttenberg editor, the classic editor, or one of dozens of other page builder options like Divi, Elementor or WP Bakery.

Here at More Time To, when developing a bespoke theme, we take an atomic approach to content management development.  So, what does this mean in practice?


Well, we break the design into core components, these could include a hero banner,  content block, images, accordions, forms, anything required to make the site function, and match the designs.

These components are then coded into widgets, which can be added to regular WordPress pages and posts, to build up the page into the required design.

Each widget only contains the content areas it needs, making them super simple to manage and maintain.  And as the widgets can be added in any order, modifying or creating new page layouts is easy as well.

Repeating Content

Where the same content repeats across multiple pages we would create a widget bank, this allows individual widgets to be created, and then referenced in any page.

Allowing a single version to be used to update all occurrences.

Custom Post Types

Where site content follows regular patterns, for instance products, or location or members of staff, a custom post type would be created.

This is purely for the defined content type, and will include data capture fields for only the type of data and images that are required.

As with the widget bank, this allows content to be pulled into multiple locations, but managed in one.

It also allows for effective filtering and refining of the data.

Tagging & Categorisation

Custom taxonomy are a fantastic way to allow content to be categorised, it’s possible to share taxonomy across multiple data and post types.

This is especially useful for making sure content is automatically added to the correct sections of your site.  And also to allow filtering and refining of data.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to manage your website’s content.

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